Herb/Supplement SurvivalTravel Kit


No one wants to get sick on vacation or while traveling! New environments, unclean food and water can really take a toll on the body, but you can feel prepared and rest assured knowing you have a herb/supplement survival travel kit.

The kit will be highly personalized to you and your heath concerns. It will address the common ailments that you experience when traveling, as well as travelers illnesses specific to each country you are traveling to. 

Here is what people are saying about the kits!

I thought it was absolutely AMAZING. I wouldn’t travel to third world countries without one of your kits!
I was SO grateful to have your survival kit in India! It was truly a lifesaver! Not only did it keep me from stomach trouble, but I also felt that I was treating my body with great herbs that I would love to continue with at home. Thank you SO much!!!
The kit was great! I stayed healthy for 5 weeks that I was in India. I saw other people getting sick around me but I took the pills religiously and feel that it kept me healthy. Got a mild head cold but I took herbs and it didn’t even last 24 hours! I highly encourage anyone traveling to have this kit but make sure you have enough for your entire trip. I finished my pills a week before traveling home and ended up getting sick that last week. Stephanie does a great job putting together the kit with separate little baggies for each different pill and detailed usage instructions for each. Nice and compact for travel.

The kit will include herbs and supplements for:

Common cold


Digestive issues

Travelers diarrhea (country specific)

Malaria (country specific)

Parasite prevention and treatment 

Other health concerns 

Prices will vary according to where you are traveling to and how long you will be traveling for. Please fill out the survey below and you will receive a quote for a price within 48 hours.

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