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As B.K.S Iyengar says, the real yoga begins when you want to leave the pose. Holding the pose in yoga and life means that we have to stay the course, even when we feel uncomfortable. As we stay the course we connect with the truth within, we dissolve the veils that hide our sat nam or our truth identified. We find out who we really are beyond fear, judgement or hatred. We learn that we are expressions of love, and that miracles occur naturally as expressions of love; we are the love, we are the miracle. 


Lets face it...sometimes savasana sucks.


Why I used to hate savasana.

 That's right I'll admit it...I used to hate savasana.  I have been practicing yoga for more then 10 years and I have to say for almost all of those 10 years I suffered my way through savasana. I would seethe with jealousy as my classmates would lay blissful next to me, snoring, drifting into sleep or deep relaxation. I could never relax fully and I hated every minute of savasana. 

What is savasana anyways?

Savasana or corpse pose is the last pose of a yoga class meant to integrate in all of the sweat, work and yoga you have done throughout a practice.  The whole purpose and focus of savasana is relaxation, but what happens when you can't relax?

How can relaxing be hard?

I would come into savasana and spend the 3-5 minutes wondering: Am I doing this right? Is my right shoulder higher then my left? Did my neighbor just fall asleep? Who is snoring? How does the person fall asleep so quickly? What do I have to do today? Did I write that email I was supposed to? Did I turn my phone on silent- I really hope I turned my phone on silent. And on and on I would go, spinning myself into a serious state of non-relaxation, and those 3-5 short minutes would be agonizing. 

I was cheating myself.

About 3 years ago my yoga practice moved from the studio into my home and I had a private teacher come to my house to teach me yoga. She would leave me to savasana at the end of the class, set a timer and tell me to stay for 10mins or more. Of course after she left I would get up a few minutes later thinking I'd gotten away with my own private joke- ha ha the joke was really on me.

Finally finding peace.

These days I am able to spend more then 10 minutes in savasana, and while I never fall asleep or find myself snoring, I have figured out how to be in savasana in peace.  

How you ask? Well, these days I always use an eye pillow, and I learned from a teacher that if you place a blanket over your thighs and belly it helps you relax more. I also learned that a 3-5 minute savasana is too short for me personally to be able to drop into a relaxation state. It takes at least 10 minutes for my mind to shut off. These days I practice mostly at home so I can give myself the time to really drop in and find the peace. But on those days when I am practicing at a studio or festival I use yoga nidra (or yogic sleep) techniques to help me relax faster. 

Tell me your savasana horror story.

Do you hate savasana as much as I did but are too embarrassed to admit it? Share in the comments below what you have done to make peace with savasana?