Miracle Mindset Coaching

Miracles occur naturally as expressions of love.
— A Course In Miracles
Learn to cultivate a miracle mindset

Learn to cultivate a miracle mindset

Would you like to?

  • Heal past traumas that create chaos in your life 

  • Change behaviors that lead to self-sabotage and pain

  • Free up energy for what you really want in life

  • FInd the partner, job, and happiness of your dreams

  • Learn the art of self-love and how to give and receive support

  • Create healthy habits that lead to vitality and a radiance within



Included in your Miracle Mindset Coaching:

  • A guided experience to get to the root of dis-ease, self-sabotage and negativity

  • A safe return to past traumatic experiences in order to heal them

  • A sacred space to explore how you are blocking your potential

  • Tools to re-pattern your thinking, therefor change your habits

  • Mantras, meditations and exercises to take with you into daily life to sustain change

  • Recommendations of books, websites and other resources that apply to your journey

  • Supplement or food therapy advice to aid your transformation when applicable

 The cumulative effect of our actions and mindset builds over time, either to our detriment or to our benefit. Health is a choice we make, by following many little right actions over time. 

We all know that toxic foods and behaviors directly affect our health, and in much the same way, toxic thoughts can be the cause of dis-ease and suffering in our life.  

Your thoughts are a direct reflection of your experiences. If you have lived a lifetime of not feeling good enough, not feeling loved, connected, and accepted then there is no doubt that your thoughts reflect this. Many toxic thoughts hide out in our subconscious mind and our habits reflect them without our even knowing it! Scientists estimate that 95% of our behavior stems from subconscious habits and thoughts. 

In order to experience great change, we have to start to re-pattern the pathways of the mind. We need to go back to the root of the pathway, or the trauma that created it, in order to fully resolve it. We have to acknowledge why it sticks around, and how it is serving us before we can start to create new habits. 

You can change your thoughts and therefore change your health. Living a miracle mindset requires the knowledge that a miracle is simply a shift in perception.  As you shift your perception a healing occurs, and an opportunity arrises to make a different choice- you can choose love instead of fear. 

A miracle is a shift in perception. There is no order of difficulty in miracles. One is not “harder” or “bigger” then another. They are all the same.
— A Course In Miracles