Women's Wellness Expert

Stephanie Rosenblatt is a Women's Wellness Expert, empowering women to heal themselves through the tools of Yoga/Meditation, Herbs/Supplements and Miracle Mindset Coaching.

Stephanie is a licensed Acupuncturist and Herbalist, a Yoga Alliance Certified Yoga Teacher and an experienced Wellness Coach.

YOU are your greatest resource when it comes to healing, you have within you everything you need to heal yourself. You can harness the power within to heal injury, disease or suffering; it takes a knowing of what needs to be done, motivation to stay the course and love and support to guide your way.

Stephanie will help you identify the root of your condition, how to heal it and how to create the support you need to get healthy and stay well. You can learn how to heal yourself one loving choice at a time. 

There is a way through every block
— Yogi Bhajan: sutras of the aquarian age