About Stephanie

A journey to health

Stephanie has been on a life-long journey of self healing, starting from her earliest moments in this world. She was born with a weakened immune system and suffered from frequent colds, ear infections and other illnesses throughout her childhood and adult life. 

Her journey to health led her to the healing arts, as well as to alternative medicine. Stephanie has spent the past 10 years studying and practicing Oriental Medicine and Yoga, and learning about how to heal the physical body through holistic methods.

Stephanie is driven by the need to learn more about the human body and health, and how to create vitality and health where sickness and injury once prevailed. 


As a licensed Acupuncturist and Herbalist, Stephanie brings a deep understanding of the physical body to her healing work. She is also a devoted Yogi, with a daily yoga and meditation practice.  Through yoga she has found many healing paths for the spirit and body to heal. Stephanie is passionate about sharing the power of yoga with women who are looking for the next level of mastery in their lives.  

Miracle Mindset Coaching with Stephanie addresses the patterns of the brain that are fearful, chaotic and self defeating. By addressing such issues, it creates space for different choices and habits to be created. When we start to choose loving thoughts instead of negative ones, we experience the true power of living in a miracle mindset; and when we live in a miracle mindset it is possible to heal ourself one loving choice at a time.

We are our greatest healing resource and we have within us the true potential to heal.